After Care Tips for Your Child after an Extraction Procedure This Christmas

After Care Tips for Your Child after an Extraction Procedure This Christmas

Dec 01, 2020

The anticipation for Christmas holidays lingers in the minds of every child due to the dietary treats therein. Your child is exposed to the risks of facing mouth traumatic injuries, dental infections, and decay and gum diseases during the holiday. Numerous reasons may compel your child’s dentist to recommend a tooth extraction process. Tooth extraction aftercare for kids is critical since the empty sockets are painful and highly sensitive before healing. Your child is likely to experience pain after the procedure is complete and may be hesitant to brush their teeth.

The pediatric dentist near you may recommend you to ensure consistent flossing and brushing of teeth despite the pain. Sensitivity and pain occur temporarily and fades away as the healing process takes effect. It’s beneficial to follow all the guidelines and tips provided by your dental hygienist to ensure your kid maintains good oral hygiene. There are various aftercare treatment approaches used by the dentist near you.

What’s a Dental Extraction?

The tooth extraction procedure involves the removal of your tooth from its socket. Dental extraction occurs if your tooth is severely damaged or decayed. Severe gum disease and traumatic injuries may require an extraction procedure. Various therapeutic approaches can be used to save your natural tooth, but if it’s damaged beyond repair, an extraction would be ideal. The pediatric dentist may perform a Simple extraction by loosening your child’s tooth using specialized equipment. A surgical extraction is done when your child’s tooth isn’t visible due to impaction or when it’s broken at the gum line. The surgical incision is performed to remove the impacted or broken tooth.

Managing your child’s oral hygiene is not easy, and tooth pains can deprive your child’s happiness this Christmas holiday. Typically, your child’s primary teeth sprout and fall out without the need for a dental extraction. However, in some instances, the baby teeth may fail to fall out at the expected time, and your child’s dentist has to perform tooth removal for your child. It would be best to consult your child’s dental practitioner on the ideal tooth extraction aftercare instructions.

Compelling Reason Why Your Child Has to Undergo Dental Extraction

Unprecedented occurrences may require tooth removal to prevent the spread of infection to other tissues. Various dental conditions may lead to the extraction of your child’s tooth, and some include:

  • Over-retained primary tooth
  • Dental trauma leading to a severely chipped or damaged tooth beyond repair
  • Extensive tooth decay that can’t undergo a restorative procedure
  • Creating space for an orthodontic treatment

Dr. John Patangan may recommend your child to undergo a dental extraction as a last resort. The pediatric dentist near you may utilize less invasive procedures to treat your child and avoid the anxiety, pain, and bleeding attributed to extraction. Tooth removal for your child requires local anesthesia to numb the gum tissues around the affected tooth. Your child’s pediatric dentist will examine the tooth and determine whether there’s a need to extract the severely damaged or fractured tooth during the appointment.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Instructions You Need to Follow

Our dentist in Conway, SC, may recommend you to uphold the following measures after the invasive procedure:

  • Ensure your child gently bites down on the gauze pad placed at the extraction site to facilitate blood clotting.
  • Let your child’s head be elevated to ensure blood clots.
  • Clean your child’s mouth by brushing around the tooth extraction site, and ensure no objects interfere with the surgical site
  • Place ice packs on your child’s affected area
  • Provide soft foods and ensure the mouth is moist for your kid.
  • Ensure your kid takes prescribed medication to relieve pain and lessen swelling

The healing process takes effect immediately, but if your child has underlying health issues, the process is slow. It would be best to take your child to the ER near you if there are complications. Your child’s dental specialist will provide adequate tooth extraction aftercare for your kids. Gifting your child with proper oral hygiene regimen ensures your child isn’t faced with dental complications, pain, and anxiety. At Kids First Dental Conway, we guarantee your child maintains a healthy smile and practices excellent oral care tips. Please visit us during the Christmas season and let your child undergo a painless tooth extraction procedure.

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