Dental Sealants in Conway, SC

Dental Sealants in Conway, SC

Dental sealants are an essential component of oral healthcare for many young patients. If you are seeking a competent provider of dental sealants near you in Conway, SC, contact us today at Kids First Dental. Our high tech office is comfortable, inviting, and stocked with the latest equipment to ensure you receive top-notch oral healthcare for all of your needs.

What Are They?

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings on the back teeth. They are often applied to the rear molars and are helpful for patients who struggle with the development of dental caries, cavities, and decay.

At our office, our staff will first clean and examine your teeth to determine if you have preexisting oral health conditions that need treatment. For example, if you have gingivitis, we will clean out the infection from your gums.

Once your teeth are clean, we apply the plastic as a liquid, so it seeps into the edges and holes of your natural teeth. This is to ensure there is a thorough layer of protection. After a few minutes, the plastic will harden to a solid.

Who Needs Them?

The majority of dental associations recommend individuals between the ages of 6 and 14 be the primary recipients of sealants. This is because this demographic experiences the most frequent occurrences of dental caries and cavities because of poor oral hygiene and the consumption of sugary foods and beverages.

Do Sealants Feel Weird?

Many of our patients are often concerned that sealants will feel strange or make it difficult to eat. Because the layer of plastic is so thin, the majority of patients do not notice them. If your teeth do feel a little different after treatment, you will become accustomed to the change after a couple of days.

How to Receive Care

At Kids First Dental, we make receiving preventive oral care simple. If you would like dental sealants for yourself or your child, all you need to do is call our office in Conway, SC and schedule an appointment. Our dentist will examine your smile and then let you know if sealants are right for you.

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