Fluoride Treatment in Conway, SC

Fluoride Treatment in Conway, SC

The most well-known minerals in dentistry are calcium and fluoride. Calcium is great because it’s important in the formation of teeth and helps make them stronger. Fluoride also strengthens teeth and can halt decay in the dental cavity.

It’s no surprise that most toothpaste is now supplemented with fluoride. We also offer fluoride treatments in Conway, SC here at Kids First Dental. If you’re looking for fluoride treatment for your child near you, you can stop searching. We’ve been providing kids of all ages with these treatments with excellent results.

How Fluoride Treatments Are Done

The difference between a fluoride treatment and the fluoride in toothpaste is concentration. Toothpaste contains small amounts of fluoride, while the fluoride in treatments is highly concentrated. The amount of fluoride used in treatment depends on the person’s age and weight. That’s why there are no standard kits so people can do this at home.

We realize that it’s still possible to attempt fluoride treatments at home, but we strongly advise against it. Using excessive fluoride can stain teeth and cause them to have permanent pits. These side effects will alter the way teeth look. On the other hand, using too little fluoride won’t lead to any positive outcomes.

After we calculate the dose of fluoride, we apply it to teeth. This can be done using a mouth rinse, gel, or by placing fluoride-containing cups over the patient’s teeth. We’ll leave the fluoride on your teeth for a while, then remove it, and you’ll be able to go home. It’s painless and short.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatments?

Children, because they are more likely to develop dental caries, and fluoride can stop them from getting worse. The mineral also strengthens their teeth.

We want people to understand that fluoride treatments are curative. They’re considered prophylactic or preventive. They strengthen teeth and halt decay, but don’t reverse it. Fluoride won’t eliminate cavities or infections. These treatments are a way of keeping teeth healthy and in good shape.

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