Dental Fillings in Conway, SC

Dental Fillings in Conway, SC

Thanks to advances in dental technology, young parents today may have little experience with cavities. In a few short years, their children may not dread going to the dentist when they have a cavity because technology makes it possible to have a pain-free experience when getting dental fillings.

The use of lasers takes the discomfort out of procedures like fillings and many others.

Cleaning Out Decay

When a cavity needs filling, it’s vital to the success of the procedure to remove the decay in the tooth. Before the regular use of lasers, dental drills performed this task. Since drills are not as precise as lasers, too much of the tooth, including the enamel, was sometimes removed.

With lasers, that isn’t an issue because they are very precise instruments. Our dentists near you in Conway, SC can target the decay and only remove what is necessary to repair the tooth and then fill it. By taking less of the tooth, our dentists can leave most of it intact and use a regular filling instead of an inlay, onlay, or crown if too much gets removed from the tooth.

Replacing a Filling

Along with putting in new fillings, our dentists at Kids First Dental can also replace old fillings much more easily using lasers. The ability to make precise cuts or vaporize tissue and bone makes removing the old filling a much quicker procedure. If you or your child has a cavity that needs filling, visit our dentists in Conway, SC for pain-free treatment.

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