Emergency Dentistry in Conway, SC

Emergency Dentistry in Conway, SC

While it would be better if everything in life could go according to plan, we here at Kids First Dental in Conway, SC understand that the majority of things do not. One of the most common scenarios people experience is the dental emergency. Sometimes a physical accident occurs, and a tooth is knocked out. Sometimes a person bites wrong and managed to slice open their tongue. Occasionally, an infection goes unnoticed and then becomes a raging inferno of pain.

When an emergency occurs, we have your back. Come see us at Kids First Dental in Conway, SC without an appointment. We can help you get back on track to optimal oral health and wellness while also alleviating pain.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a quick, specialized treatment that focuses on oral health. Whenever something disastrous happens to the teeth, gums, or other soft tissues, it is our knowledgeable staff that you should see. Our office uses modern techniques and technology to treat infections, restore damaged teeth, and even help replace a tooth lost to injury.

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Many people worry that their situation is not dire enough to count as a dental emergency. Although people should be concerned about their oral health, many are far more preoccupied with the potential of wasting resources or being a burden.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, then emergency dentistry is meant for you:

  • A permanent tooth has been knocked out
  • Your tongue, gums, or other soft tissues are bleeding excessively
  • You have a severe toothache or pain in the gums
  • You have cracked or broken a tooth
  • You injured your jaw

Sometimes the only symptom a patient experiences is intense pain. If your mouth hurts to the point where you struggle to eat, speak, or drink, please come see us as soon as possible. You could have a spreading infection, severe dental nerve damage, or a similar issue that needs immediate treatment.

What To Do

If you are in a dental emergency, come and see us as soon as possible. You do not need an appointment and don’t need to call ahead. Remember to bring any teeth if they have been knocked out (don’t rinse them), and someone who can help explain the situation and care for you.

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