Can We Grow Back Teeth Fast after Dental Extractions?

Can We Grow Back Teeth Fast after Dental Extractions?

Mar 01, 2022

Conventional wisdom states growing back teeth or tooth enamel after removal is practically impossible because both do not have the mechanism to regenerate. Perhaps the only difference lies in children who develop permanent teeth after losing their primary teeth due to injuries, infections, or extractions. Unfortunately, adults losing their permanent teeth must rely on replacement options like implants, bridges, or dentures to close the gaps in their mouths.

The kid’s dentist near you performing extractions on your child might recommend space maintainers for them to hold the gap in their mouths until their permanent tooth erupts. However, the space maintainers make way for the permanent teeth when they emerge and are no longer required to hold space in the mouth.

Can Teenagers Regrow Wisdom Teeth after Extractions?

Wisdom teeth do not regrow after removal. However, it is possible for teenagers to have more than four wisdom teeth. The other teeth can erupt in the mouth after wisdom tooth removal and are called supernumerary teeth. Studies conducted in 2015 reveal that out of 7300 people, the chances of you having supernumerary teeth is merely two percent. Supernumerary teeth can appear anywhere in the mouth and aren’t surprising because they are usually detected by the pediatric dentist in Conway during dental x-rays.

Another condition that results in many teeth growing in the mouth is known as Hyperdontia. These additional teeth are also called supernumerary teeth and can erupt anywhere in the curved areas where the teeth and jaw are attached.

Children develop 20 teeth as their primary or deciduous teeth. However, they are replaced by 32 permanent teeth. Therefore, having additional primary or permanent teeth with hyperdontia is a probability. However, extra primary teeth are more familiar with this condition.

Symptoms of Hyperdontia

The primary symptom of hyperdontia is developing extra teeth directly behind or near the primary or permanent teeth. Hyperdontia is a condition usually affecting adults and the problem in men than women.

Treatment For Hyperdontia

Most adults and teenagers with hyperdontia don’t need any treatment. However, others may require tooth extractions in Conway, SC, to avoid complications. If your teenager has additional teeth emerging, please contact the pediatric dental office in Conway for advice because they can guide you on the best course of action to deal with the situation.

Teenagers also develop wisdom teeth between 17 and 25. Surgically removed wisdom teeth will not grow back. However, if your teenager has more than the typical four wisdom teeth, they may develop supernumerary teeth anywhere in the mouth and not in the posterior region.

Dr. Shalini Sanku can help you and your kid with any of your problems and concerns. For example, overcrowding is a common problem with hyperdontia. Therefore if your teenager is affected by issues like crooked teeth or misalignments in their mouth, an appointment with the doctor is in order to help them evaluate the problem.

How Fast Can Teeth Grow Back after Extractions?

The speed at which teeth grow back after extractions from a dentist depends on whether the extracted tooth was primary or permanent. While primary teeth allow permanent teeth to emerge in their place, permanent teeth will likely require artificial solutions as replacements because the human body does not have a mechanism to regenerate teeth or tooth enamel.

Research is ongoing to determine whether regrowing teeth is possible, and the results deliver positive outcomes. However, further studies and testing are needed before this development may change dental care later. Some work on stem cell research has allowed dentists to grow dental pulp in dogs. Perhaps in the future, this development may enable humans to regrow parts of damaged teeth to avoid procedures like root canals and dental fillings.

Stem cell research may potentially lead to the prevention of tooth loss or regenerate teeth lost to decay or injuries. However, the investigation is still ongoing and will likely take years or even decades before the breakthrough is available for human teeth.

Is It Possible to Regrow Teeth Naturally?

Some people have claimed success at restoring their teeth using home remedies. Unfortunately, the techniques are not backed by scientific research or proven nor verified as practical techniques to regrow teeth.

As of this moment, the human body has a mechanism to regrow primary teeth at a speed that it sets for itself. Replacing permanent teeth requires anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. However, regrowing teeth is a matter of specific cases and does not apply to everyone.

If you want to learn more about how fast children or teenagers can regrow teeth, you can help yourself by scheduling an appointment with Kids First Dental — Conway to receive comprehensive details.

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