Can You Keep Getting Fillings Replaced Forever?

Can You Keep Getting Fillings Replaced Forever?

Dec 01, 2022

One of the most preferred methods of dealing with cavities is dental fillings in Conway. They can be made from a variety of materials, but composite resin, porcelain, and amalgam are the most common.

Fillings are essential since they help protect your kids’ teeth from further damage. They are the most effective treatment at the initial stages of tooth decay. But if dental cavities aren’t dealt with early, they can lead to infection, pain, and further damage to the tooth. You will have no choice but to visit our emergency pediatric dentist in Conway since your child will be in so much pain and discomfort.

However, even though getting a dental filling is a great idea, they are not designed to last an entire lifetime.

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

Cavities are not your friends. They will keep on weakening your kids’ teeth until they break off. That’s why you must maintain regular visits with our kids’ dentist in 29526, Dr. Robert Ellis, to get their teeth checked out. So, our dentist will place a dental filling if there is a cavity.

Your child’s dental filling will depend on several factors, such as preferences and how long they last. When it comes to determining how long the dental filling lasts, we usually check the material used.

In other words, the type of material used will determine the longevity of the filling. For instance, gold fillings last up to 30 years, but on average, you can expect them to serve you for 15 years. Amalgam fillings will serve you for about 15 years, but ten years on the lower side. Porcelain and ceramic fillings can serve you for a maximum of seven years.

Dental fillings can last much longer than the average number of years. With proper care and frequent dental care, tooth fillings can give you a few more years. But no matter how long you prolong their lifespan, you will eventually have to replace them.

Besides the material used, other factors that will affect the lifespan of a dental filling are:

  • Decay around a filling
  • Dental hygiene
  • Your eating habits
  • Trauma to your tooth
  • Night time tooth grinding

When Do I Need to Replace a Dental Filling?

Even though dental fillings need replacement and you have clocked the average number of years, it doesn’t mean that our kids’ dentist in Conway will automatically replace the dental filling. There are tell-tale signs that will indicate a dental filling needs to be replaced, and they are:

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is among the major reasons people replace dental fillings. If the filling is missing or worn out, the inner parts of the tooth will be exposed, leading to increased tooth sensitivity. Your child might complain of discomfort or pain when taking cold foods, drinks, sweets, or hot foods.

Filling Falls Out

If a dental filling falls out, there’s no choice but to look for a replacement. Leaving the tooth without a filling might lead to further damage to the tooth, infection, and pain. Therefore, replacing it sooner rather than later will help reduce the risk of infection and damage.

Filling Wears Out

The chewing force is great and will take a toll on the filling over several years. It is normal for a filling to wear out. One sign indicating the filling is worn out is increased tooth sensitivity.

The Filling Cracks

If the filling cracks, your kid will have increased tooth sensitivity, especially to hot or cold foods. At times, your child might not even experience temperature sensitivity, but during a routine visit, our dentist can take an x-ray, which will reveal the crack. When our dentist notices the crack, there will be no choice but to replace the crown.

The Filling Leaks

At times, dental fillings leak after they have been placed. Your child will notice that the filling is leaking with temperature sensitivity that lasts around three weeks. If this is the case, contact us so that the filling can be fixed.

Visible Damage

Along with tooth sensitivity, pain, and pressure, you or your child might notice or detect visible damage to the tooth filling while eating. Also, check for dark spots and holes on your child’s tooth, along with cracked or broken tooth fillings.

How Many Times Can You Replace a Single Filling?

There’s no given figure that we can use to determine the maximum number of times that you can get a filling replaced. Our dentist will cease replacing a tooth filling if the hole becomes too large.

Also, if the tooth has more filling material than the tooth structure, then it will not be strong enough. If this is the case, our dentist will explore other restorative methods, such as inlays and onlays.

If you think your child needs a tooth filling replacement, contact our kid’s dentist in Conway at Kids First Dental to schedule an appointment.

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