Here's How Dental Exams And Cleanings Protect Your Oral Health

Here's How Dental Exams And Cleanings Protect Your Oral Health

Apr 01, 2021

Beneath every beautiful smile is years of great and sustained oral hygiene. There are good and bad oral habits and our choice of either tells heavily on the state of our oral health. Even if we fail to do this always, we do know that brushing the teeth twice daily and flossing regularly are components of a healthy oral routine. Beyond these personal practices, there are other aspects we need to pay attention to, for optimum oral health. Getting regular dental exams and cleanings is one.

Regular dental exams are quite important to preventive health care. Generally, the dentist cleans your teeth and checks for cavities and gum diseases. They also remove plaque from teeth, evaluate the risk for oral diseases and check for any other abnormality. For further diagnosis, your dentist may need to include dental X-rays and other imaging procedures as they see fit.

Regular Dental Exams And Cleanings For Kids

When you go to see a children’s dentist in Conway, SC 29526, what can you expect? At Kids First Dental in Conway, you will get professional cleaning and flossing. The process starts with a thorough inspection of the teeth and mouth to ensure that they are all growing properly. They will also polish the teeth using special instruments that remove plaque. After this, they brush the teeth with a special toothbrush and toothpaste before flossing is done. This visit should also include a tutorial on how to brush and floss properly, a needed attribute in kids, given their predisposition to dental caries.

A pediatric dentist near you will also check for cavities in your child using a dental X-ray. The process is entirely painless and the proper precautions to prevent excessive radiation are followed. This involves placing a thick blanket over the chest.

Fluoride treatments are very effective and your children’s dentist in Conway, SC 29526 will recommend them. Fluoride is a natural mineral that is proven to prevent dental caries and strengthen the teeth. The whole process will take only a few minutes.

Regular Dental Exams And Cleanings For Adults

The American Dental Association suggests that regular dental check-ups should be scheduled at intervals by your dentist. Professionally, teeth cleanings are scheduled twice a year, while dental X-rays are done once a year. Still depending on the dentist’s observation, other appointments might be scheduled. Services you can get are:

  • Making inquiries about your overall health issues such as medications taken and explaining how these medications affect your oral health.
  • Diet/Nutrition Counselling: Counselling about your diet and other lifestyle issues that affect your oral health should be one of the topmost priorities of your dentist.
  • Denture Care: If you have dentures or braces, the dentist helps in cleaning them and also in evaluating if there is a need for replacement or adjustment. This is done to maintain the effectiveness of your replacement teeth.
  • Dental x-ray or radiographs can also be carried out to get a more detailed diagnosis. Here, detailed images of specific sections of your mouth are shown more clearly. It shows problems that are not detected by the normal physical oral examination. It is not usually done at every dental visit, only done once in a while.
  • Oral Cancer Examination: The bottom parts of your jaws, sides of your neck, insides of your lips and cheeks, your tongue, the roof and floor of your mouth can be examined for signs of oral cancer
  • Occlusion check: A Dental bite or impression of one or both of your jaws can also be taken to produce a replica of your teeth and oral tissues. It helps the dentist to know more about your bite, how you chew, and how you swallow. Also, this can help the dentist make you a mouthguard and bleaching trays.
  • For children, a molar sealant is recommended to prevent cavities in areas that are hard to brush and clean.

At Kids First Dental in Conway, you will get professional dental exams and cleanings.

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