Reasons Why Dental Fillings Are Vital for Your Oral Health

Reasons Why Dental Fillings Are Vital for Your Oral Health

May 01, 2020

A dental filling procedure restores a tooth that has been destroyed by decay. It ensures that you restore the normal tooth functioning. Your dentist examines your, removes the decayed tissues, cleans and fills the affected section of dental.

Fillings ensure that there’s no further decay of your tooth. A composite resin material is used to make the fillings. The materials also ensure that you are prevented from bacterial infections.

Expectations from a Dental Filling Process

Once you visit your dentist, an X-ray is done on your dental. Your dentist guides you through the procedure to keep you enlighten. Sedation is done to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Your decayed tooth is drilled and replaced with fillings. The process is short is comfortable.

A tooth filling is primarily done in correcting your tooth cavity. Fillings also are used to repair damaged teeth due to grinding or in replacement of broken teeth. In case your experience complications, you need to seek your dentist’s advice.

How to Take Care of Your Cavity Fillings

You may feel pain or sensitivity after you undergo the dental filling procedure. Routine oral care will enable you to lower the discomfort.

You can also use sensitivity plus toothpaste to lower the sensitivity of your teeth. You need to floss your teeth with oral-B toothpaste products to allow further protection from decay and minimize irritation.

When do You Need to Replace Your Cavity Filling?

You need to replace your dental fillings over the years. They may serve you for many years but are bound to wearing out. In case you grind them on your teeth or clench, you need to replace the fillings.

There’s need to visit your dentist if you identify cracks on your fillings. Continuous utilization of destroyed fillings may lead to a complicated procedure. If you don’t seek dentistry assistance immediately, there may be adverse effects on your dental. Tooth decay may develop on your filling, and the only procedure that can be utilized is the use of dental crowns.

Various Types of Cavity Fillings

Numerous options can be utilized during filling. Your dentist gives you different available options, based on your desire. Some fillings are done to improve your aesthetic preference; others are used to protect your teeth from further decay.

Different materials are used to make cavity fillings, and they depend on color and strength. The typical filling types used include:

  • Composite Fillings are resin-made used to restore the mouthparts that moderately gnaw food, and they are relatively durable
  • Amalgam Fillings are reliable and are ideally used for correcting the back of your mouth. They are made of various metallic components. Molars are the most suitable for amalgam fillings since a lot of chewing occurs through them. The fillings assist in aesthetic outlook since they are more significant.
  • Ceramic fillings are porcelain-made customized with the shade of your tooth.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

  • If your tooth is weakened, indirect fillings can be utilized. Unlike traditional fillings, they are more effective than dental crowns.
  • Tooth Fillings minimize the risk of infections by ensuring your tooth is not exposed to diseases.
  • Fillings improve the functionality of your teeth. It’s difficult to chew food with tooth decay since it’s painful and sensitive.

Complications Related to Dental Fillings

There are potential threats that may arise if you don’t visit your dentist on time for fillings repair or adjustment. The issues that pertain to fillings may include:

  • Your fillings may undergo damages due to falls out, cracks or breaks. If you bite something hard with cavity your fillings, it may lead to damages. You need to seek attention from your dentist to avoid infection of your tooth.
  • An infection may occur due to the pulling away of the fillings from your repaired tooth. The gap created may cause additional decay, and accelerate the infection of bacteria.

Our dentists at Kids First Dental put new fillings and replace old fillings by the use of lasers. Lasers enable your dentist to create precise cuts on your bone and tissues in the removal of old fillings. At Conway, SC, pediatric dentists ensure that your child’s cavity is fixed using a painless procedure.

Technological lasers utilized at our clinic ensure that the procedure is safe and convenient for you. Dental fillings are simple to perform, and they don’t cause any discomfort.

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