Dental Sealants for Kids

Dental Sealants for Kids

Jul 01, 2022

Children are generally negligent with dental hygiene practices and are prone to tooth decay and cavities on their molars after they emerge between six and 14. Keeping children away from their favored foods and beverages is a challenge parents confront besides getting them to concentrate on their brushing and flossing. Fortunately, dental sealants help prevent tooth decay and cavities when applied to children’s molars.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin coatings of plastic painted on the chewing surfaces of the molars with pits and fissures as a preventive measure against cavities. The sealants bond instantly onto the surfaces of the molars and harden to provide a protective barrier over the tooth, preventing decay-causing bacteria from penetrating the tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Sealants?

Dental sealants help prevent 80 percent of cavities during the first two years after an application on your child’s molars from the kid’s dentist near you. The protection remains ongoing for another four years against 50 percent of cavities. In addition, the sealants remain on your child’s teeth for approximately nine years.

You might think brushing and flossing are sufficient to eliminate food particles and plaque from the teeth. Unfortunately, reaching every nook and corner of the molars is challenging for everyone, and children are no exception. Dental sealants help by creating a protective barrier over the molars by sealing the pits and fissures, making it easier to clean them and eliminate food particles and plaque from remaining trapped between them.

How Do Dentists Apply Sealants?

The application of dental sealants is technically sensitive and needs help from the experienced kid’s dentist in Conway. Although the application requires a few minutes and is straightforward, getting children to sit still with their mouths open is a challenge that dentists must overcome.

When getting dental sealants in Conway for your child, the dental professional initially clean the molars receiving the bonds and dries them thoroughly with cotton or absorbent material to keep them dry. After that, an etching solution is applied to the molars chewing surfaces to roughen them and help the sealant adhere to the tooth. The molars are again cleaned and dried. Finally, the dental sealants are painted on the chewing surfaces, which bond to the tooth and hardens. The dentist uses ultraviolet light to help the adhesive set faster.

Does Insurance Cover Sealants?

Dental sealants are affordable and cost merely $ 30-$ 60 per tooth. However, some insurance companies and discount plans might reduce the costs of dental sealants from the pediatric dental office in Conway further. However, considering the benefits the adhesives offer, parents help themselves, and their children avoid unnecessary pain, and complications cavities can cause. Therefore having them painted on children’s teeth regardless of the costs benefits everyone.

Who Should Get Sealants?

Children are the primary recipients of dental sealants from the kid’s dentist 29526 because of their susceptibility to dental cavities. In addition, children with dental sealants are less likely to confront problems with holes in their molars because they have a protective barrier safeguarding them.

Unfortunately, children from lower-income households without sealants are more likely to develop cavities than their counterparts from higher-income families. Cavities create permanent damage in the tooth by creating holes that require restorations from Dr. Robert Ellis because while sealants prevent cavities from occurring, they cannot reverse permanent damage.

That said, adults with unrestored molars and without decay can also consider getting dental sealants as a preventive measure for their teeth. However, adults might have to pay higher prices for the adhesives without receiving support from dental insurers or discount plans. However, having dental sealants over the molars is a better option than spending money on intensive dental treatments that become necessary when severe tooth decay creates permanent damage.

Although dental sealants remain on children’s teeth for approximately nine years, they require monitoring regularly during exams and cleanings. The adhesives can chip or break, needing reapplications to continue providing the safety barrier.

Dental sealants for kids are an effective and efficient preventive measure against cavities. They help children avoid reporting lost school time because of problems with their teeth and repeated visits to dentists for restorative treatments like fillings or even extractions. Therefore parents help themselves by getting dental sealants for their kids soon after their molars emerge between six and 14.

If your looking needs this protective barrier over their teeth, Kids First Dental in Conway provides the application by an experienced dentist trained and qualified to manage children. Kindly schedule an appointment for your kid to get dental sealants from this practice today.

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