What Are Dental Sealants and How Do They Work?

What Are Dental Sealants and How Do They Work?

Aug 01, 2022

Food debris trapped between teeth could lead to the formation of plaque and eventual bacterial infections and dental caries. Additionally, your molars are susceptible to cavities due to grooves on the chewing surfaces, and dental sealants are ideal for covering them and minimizing the risk of having dental caries.

Dental Sealants in Conway, SC, are placed on your occlusal or molar chewing surfaces to protect your teeth and prevent plaque deposition or sticky foods on the teeth crevices. Your oral specialist may also recommend your kids have sealants and prevent the development of cavities.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Fissure sealants are thin coatings placed on the tooth surface to prevent plaque build-up and bacterial infections or tooth cavities. The appliances are plastic-made, and the material is friendly to your oral tissues.

Teeth sealants form a smooth surface on your teeth fissures and pits to prevent the deposition of food debris. Grooves and crevices on your teeth are vulnerable to plaque build-up leading to bacterial thriving and tooth decay. Our Kids dentist 29526 recommends your child have sealants while having sealants early to minimize the risk of dental caries and other oral health issues in the future.

Sealants Simple Application

At Kids First Dental, we examine your dental during your appointment and check for decay. Our specialist then performs dental cleaning thoroughly and uses a specialized solution to roughen your tooth’s crevices. Your teeth are made rough to ensure the sealants bond firmly to your teeth. Dental sealants are attached to your teeth. Afterward, the oral health practitioner uses specialized light to harden the material and rinses your mouth.

The Kid’s dentist near you may recommend the procedure for your child since it’s a same-day process and non-invasive. You and your family can have sealants to fight cavities and effectively safeguard your dental. Dental sealants can also be applied during the early stages of tooth decay to prevent further deterioration of your affected tooth. The appliances are clear, and you need to undergo periodic check-ups to ensure they are in the proper condition.

Who’s Eligible, And What Are the Sealant Benefits?

You and your kids are eligible candidates for having dental sealants placed on your teeth. However, your Kid’s dentist near you recommend having sealants at the early stages of decay or for your child. The first molar develops at the age of six, and other molars at 12. Therefore, your child needs to have sealants upon developing the first molar, to keep them free from cavities at an early age.

Mostly fissure sealants are applicable for permanent teeth. However, our Kids dentist in Conway recommends sealants for primary teeth that ensure the development of permanent teeth occurs in a healthy gap. Once your child’s molars and premolars begin to form, they are at risk of tooth decay. Sealants prevent cavities from forming in the grooves of the teeth. Additionally, fissure sealants protect your teeth from sensitivity and further damage if you have decay on your molars.

The kid’s dentist in Conway prefers sealants for primary teeth because they prevent food particles from depositing between grooves. It’s critical to safeguard your child’s oral health from an early age to ensure that permanent teeth form in a healthy environment with proper spacing and alignment.

Having Dental Sealants at Dental Sealants in Conway, SC

Dental sealants safeguard your teeth from decay since they prevent food particles from being trapped between teeth. Your kid’s dental is vulnerable to decay, and dental sealants are a viable option. The child’s enamel isn’t robust, and the routine dental cleaning is inadequate to keep the fragile teeth safe. The primary teeth are temporary, and the enamel is easily eroded. Sealants can be vital in shielding the teeth from decay.

Dr. Robert Ellis recommends your kid have fissure sealants to prevent the development of dental caries at a tender age. Fissure sealants cover the teeth surfaces and grooves and avoid plaque formation or sticky food debris. An early preventive approach for your child can protect your infant’s teeth from decay and maintain proper oral health. Please visit our Kids dentist at 29526 for dental sealants and find a long-term solution for your dental.

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