Five Important Preventive Dentistry Treatments for Kids

Five Important Preventive Dentistry Treatments for Kids

Sep 01, 2022

Preventative dentistry treatments in both kids and adults are important. However, some parents mistake assuming their child’s teeth are in the right condition because they are still young. But in reality, children have health issues just like adults. For example, kids are more prone to cavities because they love drinking juice, eating candy, and enjoying other sugary delights.

Early child cavities are the most common chronic pediatric disease. In addition, tooth decay negatively impacts children with asthma, childhood obesity, and diabetes. Also, decay is not an issue for school-age kids but can begin as early as six months of age and cause pain to your child. At Kids First Dental, we have a team committed to helping keep your kid’s teeth healthy. Our dental services offered will keep your child smiling confidently for years.

Learn more about preventive dental care to make a long-term difference in your child’s oral health.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are translucent materials that your dentist easily spreads on your teeth. These sealants are placed on the teeth chewing surfaces to stop cavities from forming and spreading. Your dentist applies the sealant to molars when you have deep ridges along the chewing surfaces of your teeth. The dental sealant will not stay in place if the ridges are not deep.

If the dental sealant becomes loose and traps plaque, the chance of cavities will be higher. The time taken to harden the sealant in place is only two minutes per tooth. After hardening, your child can consume without having the food contact with the surface of their teeth. This is a powerful barrier that minimizes the chances of childhood cavities.

Fluoride Treatments are Underrated Preventative Dentistry Treatments for Kids

If you’re using fluoride toothpaste with your child, it might not be enough to protect your child’s teeth. Every day, the teeth lose some of their enamel coatings. The fluoride mineral helps strengthen the enamel and reverses early damage to teeth. Also, fluoride is often added to water supplies because it’s so important to the health of your teeth.

However, fluoride toothpaste and tap water alone are not enough to ward off early childhood cavities. Fluoride treatments as preventive dental services play a significant role in preventing damaging tooth decay. Also, early fluoride treatments help keep permanent teeth safe as well.

If the tap water you are using isn’t fluoridated or if your kid is at high risk for developing tooth decay due to health factors or lifestyle, fluoride treatments from Dr. Robert Ellis are important. He also welcomes you to discuss any concerns or questions about fluoride treatment.

The applications of enamel help increase your teeth’s strength. Fluoride bolsters your enamel, making it much easier to combat bacteria and acids that cause decay. Having strong teeth is much less likely to endure decay.

Tooth Cleanings

Your kids need to go for a dental cleaning at least twice a year. Scheduling and keeping appointments with a Kids’ dentist near you for your kid is an important preventive step one can take to ensure your kid’s optimal oral health.

Our dentist recommends dental exams and cleanings for all kids by one year or when their first tooth erupts. These appointments help your kid’s dentist evaluate your child’s dental health and provide essential preventative treatments like sealants and fluoride.

Teeth cleaning helps eliminate plaque and tartar. However, it’s hard to remove plaque when brushing and flossing at home, especially during childhood. Only pediatric dentists’ specialized tools can eliminate this plaque and prevent the formation of cavities.

Space Maintainers

These are specialized dental appliances comprised of metal and plastic. Space maintainers are fully customized to suit your kid’s mouth. They are diminutive and perfectly comfortable. Your kid will adjust their maintainer in a few days or less. The maintainer holds the space open after losing your kid’s tooth.

It helps keep the other teeth steady and prevents movement until permanent teeth emerge. As a result, maintainers are more efficient than attempting to move teeth back to their proper positions with orthodontic treatment.

Mouth Guards

Pediatric dentists in Conway recommend kids wear mouth guards. The dentists can make these devices to suit the distinct shape of your kid’s mouth. Mouth guards are worn when playing sports to protect the gums and teeth against physical contact.

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